Who we are

PRAC is a non-profit organization within Primrose aimed at fighting crime within all sectors of Primrose. PRAC was formed by individuals within our community with the vision of bringing the community of Primrose together to stand as one unit and fight crime in our area. PRAC patrollers donate their time and money by patrolling our community to ensure that our streets are kept safer under their watchful eyes. Members are notified of any suspicious or dangerous elements in our area and likewise our members also inform our patrollers of any suspicious elements and if in need, they can contact our patrollers in an instant. PRAC also endeavor to build and maintain good working relationships with local authorities and various service delivery departments to ensure we try our utmost to uplift our area.

As a non-profit organization we rely on donations to assist in the running of day to day operations and to fund special projects like purchasing bullet proof vests for our loyal patrollers so that they can be safe while keeping our community safe.

For more information regarding the cost of joining PRAC and our monthly contributions to keep this project alive or for any donations, please contact us on or 078 814 9437

You can join by completing the member information form. Monies can be paid into the bank account provided, be dropped off or we can collect.

Bank Details
Please use your name as reference
Account Number - 6286 4059 326
FNB Branch - 253442

How you can help!

Sign up with us - More members,more eyes & ears.
Apply to become a PRAC Patroller. The more patrollers we have the fewer shifts each patroller will have.

Our member enjoy the following benefits:
  • Access to our 24 hour Emergency Telephone hotline
  • Access to our 24 hour radio communications
  • Extra patrolling at your home while you are away
  • Escorting in and out of property
  • Escorting and assisting at ATM's in our area
  • Access to our members WhatsApp group
  • Advising of threats or dangers in our area via our WhatsApp group
  • SAPS Crime reports on our WhatsApp group and Facebook page
  • Vehicle breakdown assistance and standoff in our area
  • 24/7/365 Patroller assistance in any general emergencies
  • Reporting streetlights, overflowing sewerage, potholes and othe municipal services to authorities & follow up reporting / escalation when necessary
  • Assistance in arranging security systems installations & radio linkups

Contact Us

Phone:078 814 9437